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Self-help: Reducing the risk of asthma attacks in children

Asthma attacks are often triggered by contact with allergy-producing substances, such as cat hair. By adopting simple measures, you can reduce the likelihood of your child having an attack.

Reducing kid's asthma risk
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  • Do not allow people to smoke in the house.
  • Do not keep furry animals or birds as pets.
  • Dust furniture using a damp cloth and vacuum carpets regularly, if possible when your child is out of the house.
  • Do not use fluffy, dust-collecting blankets and make sure pillows and duvets contain artificial fibres and not feathers.
  • Enclose mattresses completely in plastic covers.
  • If pollen is a problem, keep windows closed, especially while grass is releasing pollen, and use an air purifier.
  • Avoid products that have strong odours, such as air fresheners, mothballs, and perfume.

Posted 04.05.2011


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