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Self-help: Preventing STIs

There are several safe sex measures that you can follow to reduce the risk of acquiring an STI.

Preventing STIs
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  • Avoid sex with multiple partners.
  • In a new sexual relationship, you or your partner should use a condom and a spermicide containing nonoxinol “9”, which may have an antiviral effect.
  • If you use lubricants, use water-based types; oil-based lubricants damage the rubber in condoms.
  • Avoid sexual activity that may split a condom or sex that causes breaks in the skin or the tissues of the vagina or anus.

If you suspect that you or your partner has an STI, you should both consult an STI clinic or a doctor. Complete your course of treatment and avoid sexual contact until your doctor confirms that you are free of infection (see Sex and health).

Posted 04.05.2011


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