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Self-help: Preventing premenstrual syndrome

The following self-help measures may help either to prevent or to relieve premenstrual syndrome. If these measures do not help and you have persistent symptoms, visit your doctor for advice.

Preventing PMT
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  • Relax as much as possible and try to avoid stress.
  • Try taking up a light, relaxing exercise, such as yoga.
  • Take warm baths.
  • Eat little and often, making sure your diet includes plenty of carbohydrates and fibre.
  • Try to reduce your salt intake.
  • Avoid eating excessive amounts of chocolate.
  • Avoid drinks containing large amounts of caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and cola.
  • A vitamin B6 supplement may be helpful, although very high doses can be harmful.
  • Some women find evening primrose oil effective, especially in relieving breast tenderness.

Posted 04.05.2011


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