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Diet and health
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Gaining weight

Many people think that being underweight is not a health risk. It can be just as unhealthy as being overweight and requires careful treatment.

Gaining weight
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If you are more than 15 percent under the lowest normal weight for your height according to the chart, are excessively tired, and unable to keep warm, you should see your doctor to exclude an underlying condition that requires treatment.

It is important to gain weight sensibly to build up muscle and bone and achieve a healthy level of body fat. Although fatty and fast foods are high in calories, you should avoid eating large quantities to gain weight because of their unhealthy effects, such as causing high blood pressure and increasing risk of heart disease. Put on weight slowly by eating a healthy, balanced diet. Several small, nutritious meals each day provide a better supply of energy than one or two large meals.

Regular exercise helps to build muscles, increases strength, and may also improve your appetited. You should start slowly, especially if you tire easily, and build up the amount you do gradually.

Posted 30.06.2010


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