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What’s new in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Treating erectile dysfunction
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Encore taboo and thus lacking in information, erectile dysfunction affects around 152 million men around the world. Despite these impressive numbers only a small number of men actually seek treatment. This is unfortunate, as erectile dysfunction can have psychological consequences and can at times be a precursor to related cardiovascular disorders. To mark the launch to market of a new format (orodispersible) of their erection inducing medication Levitra®, Bayer conducted a survey on the subject.

According results of this recent IFOP/Bayer Health study, 49% of men questioned admitted to having already suffered from erection problems. More than 9 out of 10 participants felt that good erectile function is a necessary factor for self-confidence, is part of general good health and is essential for harmony within a couple.  It is so important that 68% of the men questioned said they were prepared to take medication to maintain their sexual function, with 74% of those between the ages of 35-49.

Even if the number diminishes with age, 60% of men over 65 shared the same opinion. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are often more prone to depression and anxiety as well. According to Prof Pierre Costa, Head of the Nîme Urology-androloy department, and President of the inter-hospital-university Sexology (France), “These problems can very quickly affect self-image and the couple’s relationship. This then results in self-doubt, retreat into oneself or anger and aggressiveness."

A number of barriers hold men back from talking about sexual or erectile problems. Certain men worry about side effects from medication (69%) or the lack of safety and surety surrounding the purchase of these types of medication on the web (23%), with a reminder that such Internet sales are illegal in many countries.

In addition, men who manage to maintain a partial erection, however short it may be, don’t consider themselves as having a problem and are thus even more unlikely to seek professional help for erectile dysfunction.  And finally, it was shown that men suffering from erectile problems prefer practical and discreet methods of treatment.

Following on from this study, Bayer is launching a new form of their erection inducer, Levitra®: an orodispersible form, which offers mint-flavoured dissolution without water. So, no need to have a glass of water handy to take the treatment. Today’s erectile dysfunction medications rely mostly on PDE5 inhibitors, of which the highest sellers are respectively: tadalafil (Cialis ®), sildenafil (Viagra ®) and vardenafil (Levitra ®).

Source: Bayer press release - November 2010

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What’s new in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?
Encore taboo and thus lacking in information, erectile dysfunction affects around 152...
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